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  1. I have the original version V1.1. I originally had it working from scratch on an ST processor and there were a lot (A LOT) of timing issues in that case so I think the EMT may be an issue with this. I am using the non-EMT CC3200 board files. I tried to upload a picture of the kitty but it didn't take... here's a try with the link. Doug
  2. Hi Rei Vile: I could not get the epaper display to work on the MSP432. I got all the adafruit libraries working correctly but there was a pwm issue with one of the pins (Pin_PWM.not declared in this scope). I decided to try another board rather than track it down. I did get all of Pervasive's examples working on the CC3200 launchpad. There were a bunch of issues (like the arduino.h to energia.h) and a couple defines in the adafruit libraries had to be changed but it wasn't too bad. I can probably dig out the changes required for that board later today or tomorrow. Thanks
  3. HI Fmilburn: All examples I remember trying yesterday compile now, without the board attached, so I can't tell which ones were a problem yesterday. I know that sounds lame but I bought four boards and have half a dozen things I wanted to evaluate so I didn't spend a lot of time on the msp432. I alsoi made numerous changes yesterday to both energia files and added libraries without bothering to back up changed files. Starting with getting the red out to adding the adafruit gfx libraries and a couple other ones. It could be something simple that wasn't originally installed correc
  4. Hi B@tto: The one I was most interested in was an epaper display from Pervasive(using their example) but there were also problems with a couple of wifi ones (using CC3100) that either wouldn't compile or were outputing to the uart so slowly that something wasn't right. I got everything to work with a little tinkering for the CC3200 launchpad and most of the others with the tm4c123 or tm4c129. I think part of the problem may have been that I was thinking, from the part numbers, clock speed, etc, that the msp432 was the most generic of the bunch. I don't know if this is helpful
  5. Thanks Dubnet... I bought a bunch of boards as a pi day present so it isn't a big deal if it doesn't work here. For learning though I'm not sure how useful multitasking is going to be and it adds another layer of potential problems. The MSP432 does seem to work relatively painlessly with the Eclipse/GCC setup I normally use for another brand and the examples in the SDK port fairly easy. The funny thing is that since I posted this I managed to get all the examples I was interested in working on the CC3200. From what I have seen so far this board is much more difficult to use with
  6. Hello: Is there any sort of a patch available to use the MSP432P401 without EMT? I see the question asked in the past but nothing in the last 6 months. A couple of the examples don't readily compile and I'd rather toss the thing now or use another tool than bother with another layer of complications. Thanks in advance...
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