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    Hi @@johnmarwa
    It looks like you are using a different version of the library than me.  But the problem is that the G2553 doesn't appear to have sufficient memory.  I got a RAM overflow of 82 bytes with my version of the library and a basic example when I tried it just now with the G2553.  Since I normally use it with the F5529 it isn't a problem for me.  You will either need to pare things down or use a microcontroller with more memory.  The thread above implies someone else has pared it down so you might search around a bit more.  Good luck...
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    @@johnmarwa Please have look here for a starting point : http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4966-unable-to-retrieve-complete-nmea-string-from-serial-communication/?p=44095
    @@Fmilburn is right ... G2553 does not have enough memory for the "standard" examples / sketches you'll find around the net (esp. those for Arduino).
    Try to get things started much more simple and try to find out which functions you really need (to reduce memory) ...
    Good luck !
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    johnmarwa reacted to Fmilburn in GPS library for msp430g2553   
    I use the following library with the F5529 and Energia: https://github.com/anorse/NorseEngineering_GPS
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