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  1. The post does refer to Energia. Perhaps I should have posted elsewhere. The question is really about the limitations of using interrupts in Energia. I have code that uses the 3768 crystal in Code Composer Studio and hoped that it was possible to use the 32768Hz crystal with the Real Time Counter in Energia. If a separate library is needed then I suppose RTC counter support is not supported in Energia.
  2. The attach interrupt function works with GPIO pins. I have been able to read and write to the RTC registers. Is it possible to use the attach function to declare isrs for the RTC counter.
  3. Should I have referred to it as P1.0, TXD, LED1, RED_LED or P1_0. The blink sketch just uses RED_LED.
  4. Using the FR4133 launchpad I found that the red led seems to use the serial port. Using the red led as an output stops the serial output.
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