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  1. Energia is 0101E0017 and I have selected the RedBearLab Wifi mini w/ cc3200 (80MHz)
  2. if I use wifi.begin() I do not see the RedBearLab CC3200. I see it only if I use wifi.network()
  3. I have made a screen shot of my library subfolder. I guess I am at the right place. Which one should I delete?
  4. alright checking BTW in the #define myLED RED_LED if I do Serial.println(RED_LED); I get 13 which was what was set at the begining
  5. Thanks for all those feedbacks but... wifi.begin still does not work and if I use wifi.beginNetwork I can see the network but the test still fails
  6. I just tried your code but I get the same result as with wifiwebserver. I am blocked inside the while loop and do not see the wifi network. if now instead of wifi.begin I use wifi.beginNetwork I can see the network, connect the client on it but I am still blocked inside the loop with endless .
  7. I have attached the monitor logs and another example - for outofbox there is no client connected but the test passed although it should not. Nevertheless I can see the network and connect a client. - for the wifiwebserver the dots are endless and I cannot see any wifi network. monitor log webserver.rtf WiFiWebServer.ino monitor log outofbox.rtf OutOfBox.ino
  8. Hi I am new with wifi mini have a pb with the OutOfBox example. I figured out that the tests using wifi.status fails. I also tried other example and I have a similar issue with wifi.status but also with wifi.begin and wifi.localIP that all fail. TO SUM UP the issues: 1) with or without client connected I cannot get the followings tests to work. The classes do not change and always return the same: while ( status != WL_CONNECTED)... status always return 7 or while (WiFi.localIP() == INADDR_NONE)... always return 2) I cannot use the wifi.begin() class. It only works with BeginNetwork() class but I did not find any documentation on it. 3) can I get more than one client connected at a time? if yes how to do it ? For now I cannot get more than one. ps: I have just been updating the firware to the latest version with no change. Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks very much for your help OutOfBox.ino
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