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  1. Rickta59: Thanks for that reference. I will check it out soon. Good news. I figured out my mistake. It is that the cruton distribution of Ubuntu is limited. So indeed, there is no make command installed. For some reason engergia uses make for the MSP432, and not for the other components. Obviously most Ubuntu installs will have make as a standard package. Just in case any Chromebook user is trying to figure out what to do: apt-cache show make sudo apt-get install make sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade The serial port problem is pretty easy too, once you know what you are looking for: plug in the lauchpad ls -l /dev/tty* look at the group device (e.g. if you get crw-rw---- 1 root serial 188.... then the group is serial... add yourself to that group: sudo usermod -aG serial <my login> Thanks for the assistance. You did get me thinking in the right direction (and reminded me about find... it has been a long time since I used that command).
  2. dubnet: I fixed the one permission problem... access to the serial port. But to be sure, I just ran with sudo and still have the issue. Thanks for the idea. Rickta59: I'm not much of a linux person. Used to use UNIX-based systems in the 90s. So please forgive me for not quite getting this. Since the error appears with MSP432 and not the MSP430 (nor the lm4f -- i just tried that too based on the outcome from the find command). I don't know how to install the 32-bit libs. I did try to run the 32-bit energia; but that failed with multiple errors... some which probably had something to do with try to run 32-bit code in a 64-bit JVM. I am worried about it being the 'make' file that is a problem. I've actually found that some of the Makefiles seem to want to run a make command. I am going to look into that more when I can work on this some more. Thanks for your input too, RIckta59.
  3. Hi everyone. I am new to Energia, but I have used the Arduino IDE a bit. I am trying to use Energia to work with the MSP432 launchpads I just bought on sale, My environment is Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (trusty). I just downloaded the latest version of Energia from energia.nl (0101E0017). I ensured I have permission to access the serial ports. The only changes I've made is to select the tools -> serial port (when i had the MSP432 launchpad connected) and to select the tools -> board. I chose to run the example 'blink' code. When the MSP432 is selected I receive an error. When I chose a 430 board it compiled without error. The error with the MSP432 is Cannot run program "make" (in directory "/home/username/energia-0101E0017/hardware/common"): error=2, No such file or directory I verified the directory exists, and there is a Makefile in there (but no make file). The Makefile has content (it seems like it is written correctly but I'm not a Makefile expert). I copied the Makefile to make, just in case. but I still get an error. I saw where MSP432 users on windows were having issues due to spaces in directory names, but I don't have any spaces (can you in linix?). Any suggestions? I would hate to have to pull out my old windows laptop just to work on the MSP432. I'm using Energia because my very reluctant kids (15 yo and 12 yo) have agreed to make a mini project on the MSP432s I picked up. I don't want to try to get them to learn CCS Thanks for any assistance. I do appreciate it.
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