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  1. Here is my example, which took nearly a full dedicated hour to complete, sheesh! Tiva assembly is precise and complete, but has subtle yet important differences from MSP430 assembly, take a peek! Full project attached in ZIP as well Assembly Routines (asmExampleFile.asm) .global asmRAMVal, asmFlashVal, asmFcn1, asmFcn2 .bss asmRAMVal, 4h .data asmFlashVal .word 6h .text asmFcn1: nop movw r0, #1266 bx lr asmFcn2: nop movw r0, #1267 bx lr C Usage of Assembly Routines (main.c) //ASM Routines extern void asmFcn1(void); extern void asmFcn2(void); //ASM Varaiables ex
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