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  1. Hi @@Fmilburn, Thanks for your quickly reply! Your information about EMT was great! I agree that @@energia team will soon provide multitasking to Tiva series because the family has excedent power to run one task at a time. Bye! Ivan
  2. HI ! This my first post. Excuse me if I do something wrong and by my poor english... In Energia Multitasking Guide page (http://energia.nu/guide/multitasking/) I found this information: "Currently, Multitasking is supported on the MSP432 launchpad." Unfortunately in page don't have nothing that defines "Currently". Then I ask to my colleagues if currently Energia multitasking does not support TM4C1294. Thanks Ivan
  3. Hi! My name is Ivan Assaritti from from the city of Indaiatuba in Brazil, South America. I'm electronic engineer since 1987 and lawyer since 1995. I work with embedded hardware, development and project management. I distribute X86 micro CPU's from TAIWAN here in Brazil: http://dmpshop.com.br I'm also act as a legal expert in Computer Forensics and other engineering fields As hobby I like to know about vintage computers like that I worked in 70's: Burroughs, DIGITAL, OLIVETTI, and others. Here in the forum, I intend to know about ENERGIA, my development board TM4C129
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