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  1. I'm working on a design using the TMS320F28035, could probably do with someone to double check the design at some point. PCB design, assembly and programming I already know, it's just the finer points of using the 320F28xxx in a design I'm pondering, the huge PDF obviously hides some details on supply voltages, input bias etc. I've asked a simple question on JTAG programmers, not impressed it's gone unanswered for almost 2 weeks now. Would I be better off asking TI or TI's forum directly, given the low traffic on this forum ?
  2. I'm redesigning one of the TI dev kits for my own purposes, it uses a TMS320F28035. As I'm also not using the controlCARD so I have to redesign that also. Full onboard JTAG is out for cost/complexity reasons, I will have the optoisolation however. I plan to have chained JTAG ports so I can program multiple devices at once. What would be a good option for a JTAG programmer ? So have I have a choice of: Ebay XDS510 - suspect this wouldn't work with the free CCstudio, but would it be usable for faster device programming ? XDS100V3 - various sources Make my own version of the onboard
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