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  1. Hello I am working whit msp432 and trying to measure frequency like you, but i have problem with the result, i can't measure more than 32888 Hz and i don't know the problem. Would it be possible a little help? someone can see the problem? My code is a Energia sketch: #include <driverlib.h> volatile uint32_t R10=0; volatile uint32_t R20=0; volatile uint32_t Cont=0; const Timer_A_CaptureModeConfig captureModeConfig = { TIMER_A_CAPTURECOMPARE_REGISTER_1, // CC Register 1 TIMER_A_CAPTUREMODE_RISING_EDGE, // Rising Edge TIMER_A_CAPTURE_INPUTSELECT_CCIxB, // CCIxB Input Select TIMER_A_CAPTURE_SYNCHRONOUS, // Synchronized Capture TIMER_A_CAPTURECOMPARE_INTERRUPT_ENABLE, // Enable interrupt }; void TA1_0_IRQHandler(void) { MAP_Timer_A_clearCaptureCompareInterrupt(TIMER_A1_BASE, TIMER_A_CAPTURECOMPARE_REGISTER_0); //clear R10++; } void TA2_0_IRQHandler(void) { MAP_Timer_A_clearCaptureCompareInterrupt(TIMER_A2_BASE, TIMER_A_CAPTURECOMPARE_REGISTER_1); //clear R20++; } void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); MAP_PCM_setPowerState(PCM_LPM0_DCDC_VCORE1); MAP_CS_initClockSignal(CS_SMCLK,CS_HFXTCLK_SELECT,CS_CLOCK_DIVIDER_4); //Set system clock 12 MHz //Set GPIO 4.2 as timer MAP_GPIO_setAsPeripheralModuleFunctionInputPin(GPIO_PORT_P4, GPIO_PIN2, GPIO_PRIMARY_MODULE_FUNCTION); // Timer TA1 SMCLK/1 TA1CTL = TASSEL_2; TA1CCTL0 = CCIE; TA1CCR0 = 60000; // Timer TA2 capture mode (CC Register 1, Rising Edge, CCIxB Input Select, Synchronized Capture, Enable interrupt) MAP_Timer_A_initCapture(TIMER_A2_BASE, &captureModeConfig); //Register interrupts MAP_Timer_A_registerInterrupt(TIMER_A2_BASE,TIMER_A_CCRX_AND_OVERFLOW_INTERRUPT, TA2_0_IRQHandler); MAP_Timer_A_registerInterrupt(TIMER_A1_BASE,TIMER_A_CCR0_INTERRUPT, TA1_0_IRQHandler); } void loop() { Serial.print(R20); //Timer A2 count Serial.print(" "); Serial.println(R10*60000); Serial.println(Cont); R10 = 0; R20 = 0; TA1R = 0; // clear timer counter TA2R = 0; // clear timer counter MAP_Timer_A_startCounter(TIMER_A2_BASE, TIMER_A_CONTINUOUS_MODE); //Star timers MAP_Timer_A_startCounter(TIMER_A1_BASE, TIMER_A_UP_MODE); while (R10 !=200 ){} // wait TA2CTL &= ~MC0; // stop timers TA1CTL &= ~MC1; } If i get to measure frequency before that your replies, i will share the code with everyone. I will be working. Thank you for all. Regards.
  2. Hello. I have a quartz oscillator with fo=1.6 MHz and I have changed it features and now it band width is around 20 kHz. For this, i need to a good precision. I am using the board msp430fr6989. My code is the next: #include <CounterLib_t.h> Counter<CL_TimerB0> MyCounter; //pin P2.0 void setup() { MyCounter.start(CL_Div2); // 2 pulses Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { MyCounter.reset(); delay(1000); Serial.print((MyCounter.read()+32767.5*23)*2+32800); //32765.5 = 65535/2 **CL_Div2** //(MyCounter.read()+...)*2 **CL_Div2** //32800 manual calibrate Serial.println(" Hz"); Serial.println(cont); delay(1000); } With this code i get: - From frequency generator: F=1.58 MHz -> Measure with the board: F=1579589 Hz -> Error: 0.026% - From frequency generator: F=1.6 MHz -> Measure with the board: F=1600093 Hz -> Error: 0.0058% - From frequency generator: F=1.62 MHz -> Measure with the board: F=1620377 Hz -> Error: 0.023% The total BW is 127000 Hz - From 1,542 MHz with error=0.077% to 1,669 MHz with error=0,074 For my proyect is a good precision. I put images like a sample.
  3. Hello. I need to measure a frequency from output VCO with a Timer, this frequency is between 1 MHz and 2 MHz. Whit my other board i don't have any problem because i can use de library ''CounterLib'' for MSP430 with Energia. Can i use any library for TivaC for use like a ''CounterLib'' with Energia? Best Regard. P.C.
  4. Thanks you very much. it was what i want.
  5. Hello. I am trying to change the output PWM resolution in my board for feed a VCO . With enegia i can use 8 bits resolution but in the datasheet i can see that the output PWM resolution is 16 bits. I have read this Topic http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5765-analogwrite-precision-question/ they use PWMWrite(Pin,Steps,duty cycle,Frequency) but, with msp430 it does not work. There are any solution to increase the resolution of PWM output for msp430 like in Tiva C? Best Regards. P.C.
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