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  1. @@fatihinanc eUSCI, what mcu are you on exactly? Could be handy for the future. And what scope is that? digital only one? Furthermore I don't see your "Calculation of the magnetic flux" as described in the User manual chapter 3, page 9? This is what I got for that: signed int TLV493D_flux12Bit(unsigned int r){ signed int c = 0; //bit value c -= (r & 0x0800) ? 0x0800 : 0; //12 ~ 2048 c += (r & 0x0400) ? 0x0400 : 0; //11 ~ 1024 c += (r & 0x0200) ? 0x0200 : 0; //10 ~ 512 c += (r & 0x0100) ? 0x010
  2. @@fatihinanc Out of the millions of chips out there, you guessed correctly! Working on the same? Did you figure it out... @@chicken, i2c just uses P1.6 and P1.7 I believe? void i2c_init(unsigned char addr, unsigned char prescale){ //P1.6 SCL / P1.7 SDA P1SEL |= BIT6 | BIT7; P1SEL2 |= BIT6 | BIT7; //... } Isn't P1.5 just used for SPI? I will try your suggestion. Think the whole thing stranded when I do that. As a general note I'm trying to see the Interrupt on my little DSO202 oscilloscope, but not really getting around with that thing. Maybe the problem is
  3. Writing a small lib for an i2c ic. I got it all working, but there's room for improvement and I can't seem to figure it out nor did I find anything similiar. The chip has combined it's SCL with an INT, which triggers (INT = 0) when measurement is complete. I have currently worked around this with a 1000 cycle delay at 8Mhz. Preferably I would like to enter LPMx in between ofcourse, could (ab)use a timer, but the interrupt seems the cleanest solution. So the question is howto capture this interrupt signal? I'm using the i2c code from TI with the exception that SDA = P1.7, SCL = P1.6
  4. I'm trying to understand the comparator A+ and Timer capture mode for using honeywell SM351LT sensor. Can't quite seem to bind it together. Sensor is currenlty hooked up with permanent power supply. Comparator output on P1.7 is tied to an led and works pretty much as expected. Furthermore hardware pwm is running on P1.6 with ACLK at 32.768Khz crystal to stay in LPM3. If I put an led on this pin it light up briefly as expected. If I understand correctly the sensor should be powered on CCR0; Read Comparator at CCR1 after minimum 10us. printf reveals indeed 50 cycles between CCR0
  5. Hi Greg, That makes a lot of sense and solves my issue indeed Thanks for looking
  6. Hi guys, After a long day of trying, I think it's time to get some help. Trying to make a dynamic queue with void* argument(s). Maybe the memory allocation isn't suffcient? Or the way the Item is retrieved from the Queu is not correct? I can't see it anymore today PS using CCStudio 6 main.c
  7. Just what I was looking for nice and simple ws281x call. Anyway to pass the &PxOUT as variable to assembly? Adding it to the prototype is easy enough, but I can figure out the asm.
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