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  1. For all Mac users: why don't you keep the security on and start the unsigned package holding the option key? I remember, it was the solution for my own compiled apps. It should work for energies as well. Sent using Tapatalk
  2. any suggestions to 0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, 0x01? <-- a friendly reminder ;-)
  3. Thanks a lot spirilis, that was exactly what I was looking for. I am new to Energia, indeed. A couple of years ago I did my job in Enterprise Development Area, whatever ... Once stepped forward in the carrier, I could only keep my focus on ASM and embedded C development privately, what I've learned during my studies. ;-) Now it is my hobby, 25 years later. After beginning with the TI tools like Code Composer or Grace, I had a gap and tried to find a working solution for my Mac. Energia came across and here I am. So yes, Here here is the real beginner. Your explanation is more than understa
  4. Hi there, i have some nRF24L01+ hooked up to the v1.5 Launchpad, which works fine with the rx/tx examples of the Enrf24 library. I've seen the idea of deploying the mash network based on arduino boards. Nice word indeed... I do not plan to set any mash network, but one or two access point(s) / bridge(s) to Ethernet and a couple of nodes (maybe 60-100). It looks like it is possible to address about 5000 different nodes. I do not need them to actively talk to the root, but I need them to response to the requests of the root. To keep it simple: 1 root polls the information from the rfm2
  5. Hi there, i did try it out on windows 7 VM ,as I am a Mac user. I did remark the io.h and the outcome is about 11 errors and 10 warnings. I use Code Composer Studio v4 (free) on win dose virtualized. However, I still have the native msp430-gcc v4.5 on my OS X. Could you please share the make file or the complier option you use for 2231 or 2211? It is exactly the same procedure like on the linux. Thanks in advance! I hope you are still available here, as the thread is quite old.... Cheers!
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