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  1. > http://forum.43oh.com/topic/6250-cc3200-cant-connect-to-wlan-after-being-set-as-ap/ I found someone in this forum was having a similar problem. I followed their solution and just used Uniflash to format the flash. Once Uniflash formatted the flash I switched to Energia and uploaded my sketch. The WiFi.begin() did what it was supposed to do and connected to my network. Thank you.
  2. I have been using a CC3200 LAUNCHXL to connect to WiFi just fine. The Energia based program was able to connect to WiFi. It used this command: WiFi.begin(ssid, wifiPassword); I just used Uniflash on Windows 10 to install Service Pack After choosing "Service Pack Programming" and selecting the "servicepack_1." file everything seems to program just fine. There are a bunch of messages in the "Console" output tab. I then went back into Energia and uploaded my program again and it started to run. I see in the serial monitor my print statements up to the "WiFi.beg
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