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    MystBoy got a reaction from bluehash in where is wronk my code?   
    it would also be helpful if you tell us what you are supposed to do with this code!
    repost of your code with code tags:
    TIP: try formarting your code like this: (Always go some space in if you have a new "{" )
    #include "msp430g2231.h" // MSP430G2231 Kutuphanemiz 
    int main( void ) // Ana Fonksiyon
    int i=0; //integer tipindeki i degiskenimizi tan?mlad?k ve 0 a esitledik bu kac defa tekrarlayacagimizi soyluyor
    int j=0; // integer tipindeki i degiskenimizi tan?mlad?k ve 0 a esitledik bu da islemi ters yonde de yapabilmemizi saglayacak
    P1DIR = 0x0f; // Pic kullananlar bilir Tiris Komutu, yani hangi bacaklarin giris hangi bitin cikis olacagini belirtir. 0x0f = 00001111
    while(1) // Sonsuz Dongu Program s
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    MystBoy got a reaction from bluehash in Layout collection   
    Is there anything like a layout collection? somewhere on 43oh oder in the internet?
    If not it would be interesstign to start a project like that!
    I don't mean layouts for big projects more like some handy things you can use for prototyping...
    for example:
    I started playing arround with some shift registers and ofcourse you have to stick loads of leds into your breadboard. the problem is that you can't put 8 leds side by side so that it fits thepins of the shift register.
    for such a case i have a very simple board with 8 lds and a pinheader! (now i have about 4 of them and i often use them for prototyping and debuging)!
    I would be interested if someone else also has such baords and wants to share them!
    i would also be interested in MSP430 or launchpad specific boards!
    If some there are enough people like me wen can also start a web page about these layouts
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    MystBoy reacted to jbremnant in MSP430 and Nokia 6100 LCD   
    Finally had the chance to do a write up on work done so far:
    The code can be downloaded here:
    I am still trying to squeeze every bit (literally!) of flash space out of the chip, so I can fit a simple game in there.
    Let me know if you guys have good suggestions/feedback.
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    MystBoy got a reaction from bluehash in IRC   
    I think a IRC is deffinitly missing!
    an irc would speed up discussions and is perfect for quick simple questions!
    I think 43oh is going to be a real grate cumunity portal in some time.
    I think its the right time for expanding it a bit!
    The forum has nearly 100 members
    ok only 20-30 of them are really active but it's not a bad ratio
    and some people are still reading the forum without registration.
    i beleave that new users will come here every day. TI has still problems to supply all the launchpads to people who ordered them.
    If you extend the headline of the page with IRC and maybe l8er my wiki and a user project section (also l8er) this will become a real cool board
    Think about it
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    MystBoy got a reaction from bluehash in msp430Launchpad absolut beginner wiki   
    As mentioned in my "New users say Hi!" post I have the goal to create a wiki for real beginners...
    let's say the target groupe is a 14yo Boy who wants to start with microcontrollers and chooses the launchpad instead of an adruino.
    the wiki should be simmilar to the PAlib wiki:
    I have started to make a short overview of the wiki here:
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tQd ... edit?hl=en
    i'm looking for people who can help me with this project.
    the more people we are the faster it will be finished.
    i will set up the wiki @ my webspace todday in the evening and i will start creating the categories.
    the url will be: msp430.oxois.org
    the final wiki should be available in several languages (i think of english german maybe french)...
    if you want to help me or you have some own tutorials or content you want to contribute to the wiki please let me know!
    @ gerry:
    it would be cool to make this wiki part of four-three-oh!
    jsolarski has some tutorials to use in the wiki THX!
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