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  1. i'd like to see some examples code + video so you you can imagine what is possible some beginners tutorials would also be greate!
  2. i know doku wiki! but i want it better if somene else is intrested in this project we could start it together... i think it wouldn't work if i do it allone... i also think that it should include a launchpad boster pack category!
  3. hey NatureTM! You also get my vote!! i tried something simmilar but i discontinued it...
  4. i like booster pack! maybe we should design our own "power lounchpad" i'm thinking of it like an bosterpack which oxu put on the launchpad, but don't put one of the valueline devices on the in the launchpad, so you use the launchpad only as a usb debugger/programmer and virtual com-port! the additional pins could be on a dual row female header on the front and a square on the top! i think we should stick for normal launchpad bosterpacks to the ti standard! although i would prefer male headers on shields... as a addition to the bosterpacks we could also design a launchp
  5. i would like to see other useful layouts! does no one have some? or launchpad shields anyone?
  6. Congrat! your code is even much simpler! But try going in the lines when you open "{" and go out when you close "}" this will be very helpfull for you especially when you have a longer source!
  7. hmmm... i think a wiki is not clear enough to read... maybe il findsomething in the easer weekend
  8. it would also be helpful if you tell us what you are supposed to do with this code! repost of your code with code tags: TIP: try formarting your code like this: (Always go some space in if you have a new "{" ) #include "msp430g2231.h" // MSP430G2231 Kutuphanemiz int main( void ) // Ana Fonksiyon { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // WDT Kapal? int i=0; //integer tipindeki i degiskenimizi tan?mlad?k ve 0 a esitledik bu kac defa tekrarlayacagimizi soyluyor int j=0; // integer tipindeki i degiskenimizi tan?mlad?k ve 0 a esitledik bu da islemi ters yonde de yapabilmemizi saglayacak P1DIR =
  9. i have some spare webspace if it is needed i wonder if there is a cms that fits this purpose.... I hope that other people would also contribute their layouts!
  10. if we want to populate a standard for launchpad shields i think we have to make the first step and draw some beginner layouts so that there is a basic for getting started. Every layout should contain an easy sample code which is well documentated and has a good descrition. The layout it selve should also be described verry well! I think thex should also be single layered so you can etch them at home! I think of sample boards like: 4x4 Led Matrix with 2 buttons 2x7degit led Shiftregister example pottentiometer shield Servo connector EEPROM ... ... ...
  11. 4x Relais print (driven by optocupplers): NOTE: UNTESTED // it is designed as a one layer board with view wire bridges 4xrelais opto board v1.1.pdf 4xrelais opto board black.pdf
  12. So i post now the 8LED Board: 16x board.pdf
  13. Hi! Is there anything like a layout collection? somewhere on 43oh oder in the internet? If not it would be interesstign to start a project like that! I don't mean layouts for big projects more like some handy things you can use for prototyping... for example: I started playing arround with some shift registers and ofcourse you have to stick loads of leds into your breadboard. the problem is that you can't put 8 leds side by side so that it fits thepins of the shift register. for such a case i have a very simple board with 8 lds and a pinheader! (now i have about 4 of the
  14. if you have the parts on hand it is clear you don't want to wait for shipping some optocuplers after i etched the layout and tested it i'll release it on the forum along with the whole project...
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