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  1. Hi Robert, Thank you for your answer. Here the servo code: volatile int i = 90; volatile boolean raise = true; void setup_turret() { T0.attach(turretPin_0); T1.attach(turretPin_1); T0.write(90); T1.write(90); } void loop_turret() { if ((i < T1_cmd_max)&&(raise)) { T1.write(i); i = i + 5; } else if ((i >T1_cmd_min)&&(!raise)) { T1.write(i); i = i - 5; } if (i == T1_cmd_min) raise = true; if (i == T1_cmd_max) raise =false; #if DEBUG_TURRET Serial.print("T0 : "); Serial.print("90");
  2. Hi, Sorry for the repost, I save my preview topic in the wrong place I think (http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9286-msp432-servo-librairy-conflicting-with-pwm-analogwrite/, if someone can delete this one...). I am using an MSP432P401R launchpad Rev B with Energia 17 on Windows 10. I've recently got this issue: I can't control servomotors with the Servo.h librairy and at the same time send several PWM. As soon as I called the "attach" function from Servo, the others call to analogWrite in my code don't work anymore. I think it is due to some timer conflicts (both functions using A0 timer
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