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    ef1 got a reaction from energia in Hello from WiFithing - rapid IoT creation   
    We have developed hardware, open source firmware and a web app, which will allow very rapid creation of IoT applications, aimed at beginners and experts alike.  We use a Wi-Fi master, paired with ISM slaves, to allow greater battery life and range for the slaves (though masters can be used on their own).
    A complete security infrastructure is in place, and a personalised web app is created on set-up.  Or you can extend our code, point to your own server or use our API to build your own web or desktop application.
    Our master is based on CC3100 + MSP5969 + CC110L.  We currently supply slaves based on the CC430 and made by PanStamp.
    Please take a look at www.wifithing.com and our kickstarter campaign.
    If you want a third party view of what we are trying to do, this article covers it well:
    Or look at the blog posted about us on energia.nu.
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