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  1. Hi spirilis, Ok, i just commented out the wrong thing! Now it works! Thank you so much! Really appriciate this amazingly fast help! Just shocked how low the consumption really is. I did a lot of things before with the Cypress PsoC (1 and 4) but the MSP is just way better in power consumption. Not gonna be the last project! Thank you again, Fabian
  2. Hi spirilis, Thank you! That indeed did make a big change. But still there is some quite high initial current, not 2 seconds anymore but about 1 second now. Is there a way to get rid of that, too? Thank you so much, Fabian
  3. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply, really appriciate that. I don't use any regulators, i disconnetcted the programmer with the jumpers J3. I power it from a big cpapcitor, see the attached picture. 1000
  4. Hi, my name is Fabian an im recently working on an MSP430 project with the Launchpad MSP-EXP430G2 and Energia 0101E0017. I have an TEG Harvester and want to run the MSP that sends data via a NRF24l01 module. Everything works great, current is really low in working and in sleeping mode. But now the problem: When i apply power to the chip (3,3V) it draws significant current for about 2 seconds. Then it starts working normal and the current drops and stays low as long as you don't remove the supply and start again. This is really bad for energy harvesting applications, because
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