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  1. Hello All I have brought MSP432 and an 2x16 LCD interface. Am trying to read an string from the UART and send the same on the LCD. Please can any one share how i can connect 1. UART to MSP432 and 2. MSP432 to 2x16LCD 3. C Code for CCS Thanks Kumar
  2. To my previous post, I have found fix. I needed to add the module instance as well. The warnings were fixed and could see the string being sent on using on module A0. Thanks for the help and idea Cheers Kumarprintf.h
  3. Project_Work.zip Hello All, Am using MSP432 and tried using the printf() which was shared earlier to check if my interrupt buffer is behaving well. I tried the code have suggested but have 2 warnings In CCS 1. 154-D Conversion of Non-Zero Integer to Pointer 2. 169-D argument of type "int" is incompatible with parameter of type " char*" Have attached my project. Please suggest where am going wrong. Thanks Kumar
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