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    offbeatmammal reacted to spirilis in sending a POST message over SSL   
    It's .sslConnect, not .connect to do SSL.
    Another user was having trouble connecting to Azure Event Hub with .sslConnect BTW.  I was able to confirm this behavior but still have no idea why it's happening.  Probably requires a deep dive that I don't have time to do (i.e. spin myself up on what Microsoft's SSL restrictions might be, what the CC3100/3200 supports, etc...)
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    offbeatmammal reacted to energia in remapping the I2C lines?   
    setModule is not available for CC3200. There is only one I2C peripheral. Below is the answer to your question I just posted on e2e:
    "Unfortunately there are not a lot of options here. The is only 1 I2C peripheral and not all pins are brought out to the LaunchPad headers. 1: pin 1/2 are the default and routed to pins 9/10 of the BoosterPack header. 2: pin 3/4 are already connected to TX/RX of the UART which is pins 3/4 of the BoosterPack header and connected to the FTDI chip. You could potentially give up the UART (Serial) and use these pins for I2C. Energia however is not setup to use these pins for I2C and you would have to modify the Wire library to enable them. 3: pin 5/6 could be an option but then you would give up SPI since SPI CLK is on pin 7 of the BoosterPack header. Same as 2, this would require modification of the Wire library. 4: pin 16/17 are JTAG"   Robert
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    offbeatmammal reacted to Fmilburn in recommendations on a light or an external temp sensor?   
    I successfully used the Adafruit TSL2591 Lux Sensor which is very light sensitive with high range on a F5529 LaunchPad (although not the CC3200) a while back.  I modified the Adafruit code to "autorange" and another guy posted a comment on my blog about how to get it to read very low light levels.  You can find my Energia write-up HERE.  If you want to sense light in a rough way you can do that easily with a cheap photo resistor.  Just be very careful not to exceed the voltage limits for analog on the CC3200.  My write-up for the TMP36 in Energia is HERE and as @@yosh says there is a lot on temperature sensors to be found here on 43oh.
    The blog I linked to above was started as an aid to beginners. I don't maintain it anymore but you might look around it.  I've also posted a link to more sensor code aimed at beginners HERE on 43oh.
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    offbeatmammal reacted to yosh in recommendations on a light or an external temp sensor?   
    For light sensing you could give TI's OPT101 a try, see HERE
    Minimal setup would be the OPT101 itself, one resistor and a decoupling capacitor. You can then use the ADC to read the output voltage of the OPT101. Maybe it is possible to sample this IC at TI...
    For temperature sensing just search the forum, you will find lots of different well documented approaches (including libraries and Energia sketches) here, e.g. for LM35, TMP36, DS18B20, thermocouples, etc .
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    offbeatmammal reacted to chicken in remapping the I2C lines?   
    Seems to be a gap in the documentation of both Energia and the CC3200 pin map ( @@energia ).
    The parameter n for setModule(n) is the module number, starting at 0. I'd try the numbers of the serial port (RX/TX) that share pins with I2C.
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    offbeatmammal reacted to chicken in remapping the I2C lines?   
    Did you already check out the Wire.SetModule() command? This should allow you to select between the two I2C channels (pins 9/10 or 39/40 according to the pin map).
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