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  1. I recently updated my Mac to macOSX (10.12) and the com port isn't found. tried re-installing drivers, rebooting etc but no connectivity
  2. thanks @@spirilis ... looks like I just found that other thread - http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9187-sslconnect-dosnt-work-with-some-servers/ - there was me hoping it would be an easy problem to solve ;(
  3. Did anyone ever get to the root of this? @@stepanb I've tried your code as-is (just replaced my event hub details) and no luck Could it possibly be the version, key size or CA of the certificate - causing the CC3200 SSL library problems? SHA-256 with RSA Encryption ( 1.2.840.113549.1.1.11 ) [edit, adding link to my other post about this just to help me find it]
  4. I am trying to talk to the Microsoft Azure Event Hub from Energia but I'm a little baffled! Using the WiFi library I seem to be getting a successful connect (returns true) but ... nothing seems to get posted... I am trying to build the message up as in this (javascript) example http://fabriccontroller.net/iot-with-azure-service-bus-event-hubs-authenticating-and-sending-from-any-type-of-device-net-and-js-samples/ but not seeing anything (even failed messages) reported in the event hub. I wanted to stick with Energia rather than switch to anything else, but after a couple of days ba
  5. thanks guess it's time to work out how to attach something to the Launchpad so I can control my own LEDs
  6. Thanks (for reply here and on e2e). So essentially I am out of luck... Either the LEDs keep glowing, or I have to use an off-board temp sensor and pull the jumpers? If there is a way to do it with Energia just while I am playing around D it would be great, as then I can actually use the three lights in a more meaningful way...
  7. hmmm. adding a Wire.setModule(0); to my setup() gives the following error: obm_01.cpp.o: In function `setup': obm_01.cpp:(.text.setup+0x6): undefined reference to `TwoWire::setModule(unsigned long)' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status looking at the source in https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/libraries/Wire there doesn't appear to be a setModule function defined, and there was a discussion (back in 2013) that didn't seem to go anywhere - https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/285 am I missing something obvious (see "noob class" label!) or should I file a bug and
  8. Ah, there seems to be no mention of that in the Wire library reference - http://energia.nu/reference/wire/- can you point me to the parameter I would need to swap them (meantime I will go trawling Bing some more...) Thanks!
  9. new to playing with a dev board (in my case a CC3200-LaunchXL that I got as a random door prize at an event recently!) and wondering what I can do with it and Energia (got my first simple temperature datalogger pushing to a graph in the cloud and want to do more...) was thinking I'd like to add a light level sensor and an external temp sensor - so I can track temp inside and outside as well as light level - but ... after searching around I'm discovering there's not a really obvious guide for a total newbie to get me started (even knowing what to go buy)
  10. I am using a CC3200 LaunchPadXL and want to control the green and orange LEDs as well as access the on-board temperature sensor. It appeared not possible, if I2C is used. In LAUNCHXL LEDs are wired to the same lines as onboard jumpers for I2C SCL and SDA lines. I found a reference that seemed to indicate on a CC3200 other pins can be used for I2C and in the example they edited the file pinmux.c MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_05, PIN_MODE_5); //I2C SCL MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_04, PIN_MODE_5); //I2C SDA I tried adding those lines to my Energia setup() {...} but it didn't seem to
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