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    @@Caesar  Perhaps something like Visual Basic or Xojo ( http://www.xojo.com/) would do what you need.  I also remembered that @@username had once written a GUI for exercising the functions on a launchpad.  Used the forum search function and was able to find it.  Perhaps his efforts will give you the direction you need to create the type of interface you are looking for.  Here is the link to the thread:  http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1858-msp430-pc-gui-eval-tool/
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    Caesar reacted to greeeg in How to build Custom GUI for microcontroller?   
    @@Caesar I've actually just been doing something similar, I've been working on a simple fw_updater for use with AVRs over USB CDC. The basic requirements being needs a simple GUI.
    Assuming you have a good grasp of programming, you can try writing your code in visual C++, The .net framework provide easy tools to develop GUI's. (I'm assuming you're on windows)
    Here is a short video series I found that walks through how to make a basic Serial Transmit/Receive GUI application.

    Otherwise You could always look at processing, It's probably the easiest/fastest way to get a GUI to communicate with a USB serial device.
    There is some example code at the bottom of the page. https://processing.org/tutorials/electronics/
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