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  1. Hi everyone, it turns out that was actually a misunderstanding in using the GPIOPinRead API function I thought GPIOPinRead would return a value of 1 if it reads HIGH level but it turns out that it will actually return a value of 2^(pin_number) when it reads a HIGH. Sorry for causing trouble to you guys
  2. Hi, I would like to know if TM4C1294XL is capable to read 3.25V as a HIGH state voltage? I tried a to use GPIOPinRead to read HIGH state voltage, however it doesn't recognize that voltage level as a HIGH state Your help will be much appreciated.
  3. Hi guys, I would like to know if there is any launchpad that has wifi compatibility? Your help/ suggestion will be much appreciated
  4. Hi Zeke, I would like to create a Windows application with GUI to communicate with my launchpad via USB (such as clicking on UI buttons to activate certain functions or sending some characters from the application to the launchpad -> LCD) I noticed that the Visual Studio seems to be capable on doing it by using a virtual COM port, but I am not sure how should I perform the setup in order to communicate with my Launchpad (correct me if I make any mistakes) Do you have any idea on it? Your help and advice will be much appreciate
  5. I would like to send commands from my laptop to the launchpad through a GUI interface by using a USB connection Besides that, I would like to learn how to build the GUi interface to make it work Any good advice/ suggestions?
  6. sorry guys, i was looking for building some GUI that allows me to communicate with the microcontroller through USB by using programming languages Is that possible? Your advice and guidance are much appreciated
  7. Hi guys, I would like to get some suggestions from you guys on building a custom GUI for microcontrollers such as the msp430 launchpad or tiva c launchpad Your guidance will be much appreciated.
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