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  1. Hi there, I've been looking all over for information on how to use ti_RTOS on energia but without success. there are 'example' program(stubs) but I don't seem to have all the header files needed. I am on the latest Energia (17) running on OSX and using a FR5969 launchpad. From what I've found, the Energia MT only works with the 432 devices but I was hoping I could still use TI-RTOS. Thanks in advance Colin
  2. Presumably these won;t work with the MSP430FR5969 :-( Is there another simple RTOS I could use? Thanks
  3. I'm trying to use the cap sense library to work with my own sensors on an FR5959 Launchpad - currently I have the sharp booster pack fitted. When i compile the CapTouch library I get the following errors: /Users/colin/Documents/Energia/libraries/CapTouch/CapTouch.cpp: In member function 'uint16_t CapTouch::measure()':/Users/colin/Documents/Energia/libraries/CapTouch/CapTouch.cpp:124:16: error: 'BCSCTL3' was not declared in this scope /Users/colin/Documents/Energia/libraries/CapTouch/CapTouch.cpp:143:2: error: 'IE1' was not declared in this scope /Users/colin/Documents/Energia/libraries/CapTo
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