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  1. JAVAJ

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    Hi Yosh... Sorry I used the Back button to go back to edit the original post.
  2. When designing PCBs, how do I know where to place electronic components. Perhaps if someone could give a demo or show links, suggest books, tutorials etc on this topic.
  3. JAVAJ

    Help and Advice

    Hi there, I want build a Li-Ion Batter Charger I read about in a "SLAA287" document, to charge and old D638S battery. I got an old D638S Laptop from someone. The person couldn't use it because of the dead(?) battery (DC 11.1V 6000mAH) or couldnt find an adapter/charger/power source to charge it with. I guess I'm in his shoes currently. I dont know if there is any way to check whether or not the laptop still works (meanwhile) or not. But, I am willing to try out the project (as per my title) anyway. The SLAA287 includes a "block lever schematic", but not the component specif
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