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    Kevink got a reaction from bluehash in Setting external xtal on XT2 with msp430f149   
    Thanks again Clavier for pushing me in that direction. I was able to get MCLK out using:
    P5DIR = BIT4;

    P5SEL = BIT4;
    A nice 6MHz.
    Best regards,
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    Kevink got a reaction from bluehash in msp430f149 Serial port example search   
    Murphy, a life long close personal friend of mine was with me today. The problem with my serial rx side of things was a blown Port 3 pin 5. I know this because I set all of port3 to toggle state and every pin on the port did but pin 5. Pin 5 is stuck high. I tried another board and all is good on that pin anyway... And now I get serial out!
    Thanks to those that tried to help me
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