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    StevenSegal reacted to Rei Vilo in Streaming data over WiFi   
    Temboo isn't the easier IoT service to use.
    Have a look at my review of a dozen IoT services at http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/iot-services-which-solution.html
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    StevenSegal reacted to chicken in Combining libraries and losing client connection   
    I suspect that the WiFi library or the underlying SimpleLink library is using timers, for example to handle timeouts. From a brief look at the WiFi library, it seems that the WiFi library initializes SimpleLink only once, when you make the first connection or call begin. Unlike the counter library which configures the timer each time you call start, the WiFi library cannot be initialized multiple times.
    The order matters because whichever library is initialized last will configure the timer to its needs.
    At the call of start() the counter library will initialize the selected timer and configure the associated pin as input. Unless there's a bug, no other peripherals or pins are changed.
    You would have to dig into the SimpleLink source code to figure out which timer(s) are used.
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    StevenSegal reacted to Fmilburn in Analog Input Frequency Detector (Arduino/Port)   
    Hi @@StevenSegal
    It looks like you can do something similar with CounterLib. 
    I did a real quick and dirty setup using an Adafruit MAX4466 electret microphone breakout for the analog input instead of the circuit referred to in your link.  I hooked the output from the amplifier into pin 18 (P2.2) on the F5529 and also to my oscilloscope.  I used the Few_Kilohertz_Counter that chicken included in the examples with his library and TimerA2.  Then I blew a note on my grandson's harmonica into the microphone.  This is what the oscilloscope showed:

    It is showing about 1.3 kHz with a regular (well kind of regular) signal.  The mean is about 1.5 V and it is varying 0.5 V around it. The breakout has adjustable gain but I didn't bother adjusting it.
    At the same time I saw this on the serial monitor coming from the F5529:

    You can see that it is showing about 1.3 kHz also.
    This may or may not be good enough for what you are trying to do but I suspect the Arduino code you linked to would give the same quality results.  The Arduino sketch could be ported to the F5529 but all code that refers to registers would have to be rewritten.
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    StevenSegal reacted to Fmilburn in [Energia Library] Hardware Counter Library for MSP430   
    Hi @@StevenSegal
    @@chicken will surely have a better answer than me but here are some thoughts.  First, CounterLib is a digital counter.  It will count every time the signal cycles LOW to HIGH.  So, if  that  is what you are looking for it might work for you.  Can  you supply additional information on the signal and what you are trying to do with it?  Is it a 0-3 V signal?  Are you only interested in when it goes above a threshold?
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    StevenSegal reacted to Fmilburn in Detecting Audio Frequency   
    Hi @@StevenSegal
    It is not clear to me what you are trying to do but there is a well documented Energia library for measuring the frequency of digital signals here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/8870-hardware-counter-library-for-msp430/
    In the first post of that thread there is also a link to C code. If you do a search you will find loads of stuff.
    Be aware that the timers can be intimidating if you are seeing them for the first time. If this is all new to you then be prepared for lots of reading or consider a course like this one: http://www.element14.com/community/community/learning-center/online-learning/moocs/ti-valparaiso-udemy
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