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  1. no problem, but you should update some of your pages like this one: http://energia.nu/guide/guide_windows/ as the link to the discussion page at the bottom is a 404. Yes I used the the zip program that came with windows - seemed ok with E0015, it unzipped it no problem; But the E0016, seems it just didn't unzip some files and folders for whatever reason without any notification. I then unzipped E0016 it with 7ZIP and it worked first time. I didn't re-download E0016, so both process were carried out on the same zip-file, which kind of rules out any corruption on the file. I thin
  2. I've fixed it! it turns out windows can't unzip the .zip file for toffee! It misses a load of files! in my case it missed the whole folder tools! I used http://www.7-zip.org/ to unzip the file, ran the E0016 exe and now works! nice one windows, well -done, you had one job! chalk this one up for experience!
  3. its on anything referring to energia, they all seem to point to this forum. its windows 7 64-bit.
  4. For the past 4 hours now I've been trying to get the latest version of ENERGIA to run and it will not. I've installed the latest drivers for the launch pad. no there are no spaces in the file path name. I've installed latest version of java. Fresh system restart after both. all it does when you double click the icon is it shows the splash screen for 2 seconds then closes with no errors returned or nothing. I can get energia E0015 to work though - so what's up with that? on another note I see a few people on this forum have also had this issue: http://forum.43oh.com
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