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  1. Hello friends I have taken the code from this link: https://hackaday.io/project/5626/logs Here very nice explanation is given about esp8266 and arduino. I am trying it with ESP8266 and MSP430g2553 using energia. But i am stuck at ERROR 13 that means all AT commands are working properly but when it try to connect to plot.ly server then at this stage error is coming The code is giving error 13 that means it has not getting response as '~' (as per the code) So anybody knows what type of error this is?? please go through below code and reply me. #define ssid "friends" #defin
  2. Hello yosh I tried by connecting ESP to Hardware UART as per you suggest and i use software UART for debugging. The code is as follows: #include <SoftwareSerial.h> SoftwareSerial dbgSerial(5,6); // make RX MSP line is pin 5, make TX MSP line is pin 6. // This means that you need to connect the TX line from the esp to the MSP's pin 5 // and the RX line from the esp to the MSP's pin 6 void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); dbgSerial.begin(9600); // your esp's baud rate might be different } void loop() { if(Serial.avai
  3. Hello everybody, Now i am able to communicate MSP430G2553 with ESP8266 and ESP8266 is giving response for AT commands.I am using software UART to communicate with ESP and hardware UART for debugging. So unfortunately it is printing garbage characters. I think it can be the problem of baud rate mismatch. ESP8266 default baud rate is 115200 and software UART is supports upto 9600. The code for checking AT command response taken from internet is as follows: #include <SoftwareSerial.h> SoftwareSerial esp8266(5,6); // make RX msp430g2553 line is pin 5, make TX msp430g2553 line is pin 6
  4. Hello everybody, I have solved the power supply problem for ESP8266. I have given 3.3V 500mA power externally to esp8266. But now i facing the problem to communicate msp430g2553 with esp8266. I made the connections as follows: Tx of ESP to Rx of Launchpad Rx of ESP to Tx of Launchpad VCC to Vcc Gnd to Gnd CH_PD to 3.3V GPIO0 to 3.3 V and i uploaded blank sketch i.e. Bare minimum from example, but i didn't get any response for AT commands. What should i make changes in order to get proper response. When i reset the esp then garbage value is shown on serial monitor. I have checked by chan
  5. Hello, Whether we have to add some libraries of ESP8266 to the energia or not? if yes then which are those? When i using above code then it compiles and loaded finely but not giving response. It prints AT+RST on serial monitor.
  6. i got the code from below link and they said that code working finely with no bugs. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5903-esp8266-iot-on-the-cheap/ They didn't mention any power related issue. So really can it be only power supply issue? or baud rate mismatch? I update the esp8266 firmware also to operate with Arduino board
  7. Yes i tried connecting esp directly to pc and its working fine. I was able to send data to browser without any problem. But it is not working with MSP430 launchpad. Now i will try by giving sufficient power to esp8266.
  8. Hello I am trying to send data to browser using wifi module ESP8266 with MSP430G2553 launchpad. ESP8266 work on 3.3V and MSP430G2553 also. So here i connected ESP8266 directly to the launchpad. connections are- Tx of ESP to Rx of Launchpad Rx of ESP to Tx of Launchpad VCC to Vcc Gnd to Gnd CH_PD to 3.3V and i got code for energia from this forum only. code is as follows #define SSID "friends" #define PASS "walchand" #define DST_IP "things.ubidots.com" #define idvariable "569fc4ba76254229c49896a6" // replace with your Ubidots Variable
  9. ok thank you i tried the above code and it working fine.. i am doing the project of smart sensor data acquisition module for acoustic emission sensor with wireless communication. I want to make my module smart by adding various features like temperature compensation, self-calibration, input detection, webpage access, Plug n play etc. and other also can be included. i don't know much about tm4c1294 connected launchpad. So how many features are there and what can we do with this launchpad to make my data acquisition system smart. Please give me some ideas and suggest me some examples of
  10. can anybody give me working code in energia for internal temperature sensor for tm4c1294 connected launchpad.
  11. Another thing is i want to send data using bluetooth through UART. I tried for it but it won't work properly. I did it correctly on MSP430G2553 Launchpad but it was not working on TM4C1294 connected launchpad. is there any extra setting required due to more no of UART and multi function pins?? Plz tell me how to do in Energia.. Thanks..
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