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  1. @@wnorcott @@spirilis I'm using the example code Enrf24_RXdemo, I need some pins for I2C as well. So I have to move to UCA0. I have some problems. I copied the SPI library to a new folder and let program includes it, it works fine. I changed all "UCB0" in usci_spi.cpp to "UCA0", and change pinMode_int(SCK, SPISCK_SET_MODE); pinMode_int(MOSI, SPIMOSI_SET_MODE); pinMode_int(MISO, SPIMISO_SET_MODE); to pinMode_int(6, SPISCK_SET_MODE); pinMode_int(4, SPIMOSI_SET_MODE); pinMode_int(3, SPIMISO_SET_MODE); it works fine for the first time but when I re-upload it to the board, it's not wo
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