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  1. Thans to all! @@oPossum using a pointer in ram, well, it will be lost after a power off and I think power off the device About use a FRAM MSP430s, I think my launchad don't support these (anyway I don't have money for the moment, but I will consider it in the future) @@hmjswt Do you know if a external EEPROM can be used with a MSP430G2553? EDIT: ohhhhh , yeah, thanks for the link! Good point! After a erase, the segments will have all 1's, AND probably I will log 10 bits values in two bytes (the analog to digital converter have 10 bits) I think something like that: //called in
  2. Hi, it's my firts post, sorry by my English. I need make a temperature sensor that logs in flash memory sensed temperutes, say every 5 minutes. This logs, are read sensed by serial comunication. Something like this: int cantLogs = 0; //called repeatedly by a control routine void loopSensor() { int temp = readTemp(); cantLogs++; storeTemp(cantLogs, temp); sleep(5 minutes) } //storeTemp save temp in flash, and ALSO save position (that is, the last position used) void storeTemp (int position, int temp) { .... } //that fuction when is called read all temps and sends it by the serial line
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