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  1. Hello folks, I recently wrote a library that performs an application requiring using 5 timer modules, leaving the 6th out. I looked through some of energia's source code afterwords in case there would be any conflicts, and I noticed that at least the analog write function utilizes a timer to generate its pwm. I might be able to bypass that since I leave 1 timer open for other usage. Does anyone know what timers energia needs to use in its libraries that would cause conflicts?
  2. Pardon folks, Right now I'm working on a project that requires aid from tiva's hardware timers for me to schedule everything properly. For this, I imported some of tivaware's API library in to manipulate them. Everything works more or less fine until I have to import energia.h into this little library I've written, and then suddenly I encounter a large amount of errors involving objects and types in energia/bin not being recognized by the compiler. Some samples below: /home/mrdtdev/Bin/Energia/energia-0101E0016/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f/driverlib/timer.h:259:8: error: 'uint64_t' do
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