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  1. Hi all, I have just bought this board and connected it up and everything works fine so far. My question is why does the box contain another IC (M430G2452) and something labelled as a "MicroCrystal". Maybe I am missing something here but I thought that this board was similar in concept to say an Arduino Uno. With that board I wasn't given any additional components at all. I have worked out that the IC would be a direct replacement for the one that is already installed on the board (labelled M430G2553) and in fact when selecting the model from the Energia menu you get a choice of
  2. Hi All, I am John from Malta. I was gradually getting into Arduino, but have just started an EdX course which uses the TI MSP 430G2 so have joined up here to learn more about it and maybe get some advice and support when needed. The intention is to continue to delve into robotics. My experience so far has been with constructing a battle bot, but although that taught me a lot about battery technologies, motor drivers, and physical construction, the robot was radio controlled. So now I want to get into intelligent robots, or at least useful ones (such as ones with arms etc). Its
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