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  1. Hi Cubeberg. Do you think it might either work with or be readily adapted to work with a MSP430F5529 board? If this is doubtful then I will look into purchasing the MSP430G2553 board. I have no experience with CCS as I am coming from the Arduino Due, and Teensy worlds but as they say: "In for a penny, in for a pound". Best Matadormac
  2. Ah yes, thank you for that suggestion. I have PM'ed cubeberg in the hopes that he or she sees it. Regards Matadormac
  3. I have just completed the VFD clock kit as sold on the 43o store. I have downloaded the gitHub code but it is not in a .ino form so I do not know how to work with it. I have tried importing/opening that code in CCS as well as Energia and neither program has recognized the GitHub code. As this is supposed to be an Xmas gift I would really appreciate some help. Best Matadormac
  4. Hi all. I have recently purchased the pcb set and parts kit. I purchased the VFD tube on eBay. I am assembling the kit now. But, when I try to open the code example from the first post of this thread neither Energia nor CCS recognize the code. What programming environment am I to use for this project or how do I start using either of the above two programs? I am a reasonably experienced user of ARduino and Teensy hardware and software but this is my first TI Launchpad project. Thank you Mark MacKenzie
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