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  1. No, I am not familiar enough with the debugger, at least not yet. The program sits in an infinite loop waiting for interrupts. First, it is the button that starts the measurement. Then, it is overflows from TIMER0 while the capacitor is charged. Last, the interrupt is from TIMER1 when the capacitor voltage falls to 0.25VREF. Then the loop restarts - there does not seem to be a reset.
  2. Thank you, but no - adding volatile does not change the behavior.
  3. I am learning MSP430 programming with the tutorial at http://mspsci.blogspot.com/2010/07/tutorial-01-getting-started.html. I had trouble getting one of the first interrupt-driven programs to work, so I debugged it by adding a write to a RAM location to the interrupt service routine. Then I could see (by printing out that location with mspdebug) whether the ISR was ever entered. Indeed, the reason that program did not seem to run at all was precisely that the ISR was not entered. Now I have progressed to CMeterG2211.c and wanted to use the same trick (if it can be called that). There are t
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