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    maximlee got a reaction from bluehash in Use of enum variables in .h and .c   
    Thank you.
    I am sorry for my late answer - I tried to change the code and compile it, but due to other errors couldn't do that. Anyway, I think that my problem was also related to code writing rather then enum mistakes: I was able today to compile the code.
    My lcd_send_string(* char) function was declared in a functions.h file as following:
    char *enum2str(enum IOchannel); #ifdef LCD void lcd_init(void); void lcd_send_string(char *s); #endif while LCD was defined in another definitions.h file:
    #define LCD LCD4 I had to comment #ifdef and #endif, and then everything compiled succesfully, including that function with enums: lcd_send_string(enum2str(haltIn)).
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