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    RahulS got a reaction from L.R.A in Interfacing 7 Segment LED Display with FT232 USB to Serial Converter chip from FTDI   
    In this tutorial we will interface a 7 Segment LED display serially using FT232 USB to serial converter chip and D2XX library from FTDI.
    D2XX is a library released by FTDI international,makers of FT232 and other FT series chip to access the advanced functions of the FT232 chip.
    The control program is written in standard C using D2XX library and is compiled using opensource GCC compiler on a windows 7 machine.
    Please note that this tutorial is specific to FT232 chip and will not work with USB to serial converter chips manufactured by other companies( like TUSB3410 from TI).
    Full Tutorial is available here
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    RahulS got a reaction from L.R.A in Short Introduction to ADC10 of MSP430 Launchpad   
    A Short introduction on Programming ADC10 of MSP430 Launchpad and Displaying the ADC10 values on a LED Bar graph type Display.
    Full Tutorial can be found here 
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    RahulS got a reaction from L.R.A in IAR Embedded Workbench Tutorial for MSP430   
    A short tutorial on how to use the IAR Embedded Workbench  5.3 to program and debug MSP430 microcontrollers on a windows box.The article teaches the reader to create and  compile a simple C Project to blink the LED on a launchpad development board  from Texas Instruments.The article can also be used with other MSP430 emulators like MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool (MSP-FET).


    IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 is a commercial integrated development environment developed by IAR Systems. The IDE comes in a paid full version and a code limited trial version.The free version can be downloaded from the IAR website free of charge and supports all the MSP430 derivatives. It is limited to a program size of 4KB.This would sufficient for programming most MSP430G2xxx series that comes with Launchpad development kit.


    Full Tutorial is available here 


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    RahulS reacted to Mark Easley TI in Hi ,I am Rahul from Bangalore, India   
    Hello! Hope you enjoy the community!
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    RahulS reacted to Gwadavel in Hi ,I am Rahul from Bangalore, India   
    Hi, welcome
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    RahulS reacted to roadrunner84 in Hi ,I am Rahul from Bangalore, India   
    Hi, welcome to the forums, hope we can help each other.
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