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  1. wangalan

    WS2813 SK9822 APA102 LED

    Hello Zeke yes , they are compatible ,by the way , where you buy those APA102 led chip , About the difference , you can have a look here http://www.instructables.com/id/Compare-SK6822-WS2813-APA102-SK9822/?ALLSTEPS the mini order is 100pcs , ,we have many customer in North Amercia , For 1000pcs now is 92usd , 100pcs ,it is 9.2usd , those price is same for APA102 and SK9822 ,AND I think it will be cheaper with time going .by the way , now WS2813 led is coming too ,
  2. Now SK6812 WS2812B updated version WS2813 LED is come out , APA102 LED is lack of market for long time , and now we have those APA102 led in stock , and APA102 led compatible Item SK9822 LED is come out too .
  3. Now i have the NEW SK6822 LED CHIP ,Which is different from the current market build in driver LED CHIP ,such as SK6812 ,WS2812B, APA104, APA102, this SK6822 LED chip is special SPI signal , when one led is broken ,another led can work correctly . . but now i don't have Fast SPI for it , anyone can give me this ? the datasheet of SK6822 led is on the following . http://www.led-color.com/upload/201512/SK6822%20LED%20Chip.pdf
  4. wangalan

    APA104, is it good?

    Hello , APA104 is similar with WS2812B and SK6812 , can be compatible with them , but apa104 have a base light , it is blue . and the datasheet of APA104 led is on the following . APA104 RGB http://www.led-color.com/upload/201506/APA104%20LED.pdf APA104 White http://www.led-color.com/upload/201506/APA104%20White%20LED.pdf WS2812B LED datasheet for you compare http://www.led-color.com/upload/201506/WS2812B%20LED.pdf
  5. Recently i have some sk6812 rgb, sk6812wwa , SK6812 RGBW led strip , now i want to use Arduino uno to control it , you know SK6812 rgb have same function as WS2812B rgb, but SK6812 RGBW is 4 channel, if they can use same code with RGB?. AND I think they can not support as same as pixel as RGB.