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  1. Hi, I am developing a monitor that will wake up every 15 minutes read and sensor and send some data. I'm using an EXP430G2 onto which I have successfully soldered the 32KHz crystal. The interrupts are working OK, waking every 16 seconds and toggling a LED. I'm using TACTL = TASSEL_1 +ID_3 + MC_2 +TAIE and Timer0-A1. My problem occurs whenever I try to use either the serial port (using Serial.print) or the AirBooster Pack. Then nothing happens - the system freezes. I'm assuming this has something to do with use of interrupts by the Serial and Airbooster libraries but I have no idea w
  2. Hi All, I am using the EXP430G2 with AIR Booster pack to build a kit to remotely monitor an oil storage tank and I have some general queries which I hope you can help with. i) Any advice/pointers on enclosures (indoor & outdoor) to house the Launchpad and/or the AIR board ii) any alternative to the 32K crystal supplied with the Launchpad - this is an SMD device and tricky to solder. The board looks to be holed for to take a larger device- any thoughts welcome iii) any pointers on information on how to use the emulation feature with Energia Thanks in advance. Brian
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