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  1. Hi, again. I just "upgrade" my laptop to windows 7 (32 bits) and put Energia folder in the root (C:\Energia) then i have installed MSP430 drivers and... Again, just the same error when i click on the "Upload" button. I'm using the "UARL" Port which is the COM5 in my case and the MSP4305529@25MHz LP. The Baud rate for this port i'm using is 9600. Blink.cpp:1:0: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault Please submit a full bug report, with preprocessed source if appropriate. See <http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs.html>for instructions. I will look for more information around here and let you know when getting success. Regards
  2. Thank you. LAUNCHPAD: MSP-EXP430F5529LP with integrated USB to 25 MHz MCU: MSP430F5529 eZ-FET-Lite Next Generation on Board Emulation I'm using the blink example just as it is. The thing is that an error occurs when i'm trying to Upload the code. Previusly i have installed the drivers as indicated. I think maybe its an OS issue, because i'm using XP and working in a kind of old laptop... Baud rate is at 9600 I hope this should be enough to start. Regards
  3. Can somebody help me with this, please? This error occurs when i click on the Upload Button. [C:\Documents and Settings\Alfredo\My Documents\Energ
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