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  1. voltage at crystal pins are 0.54V.It will be 1.8V initially and will gradually reduce to 0.54V.I have used 3.3V supply from MSP430F5529LP.Please help
  2. please help me.I am unable to program.Showing same error "MSP430: Error connecting to the target: Unknown device."
  3. Just now got my MSP430F5529LP today. I tried programming the CC430F5133 in CCS V6.1 ,but showing the following error. MSP430: Error connecting to the target: Unknown device. I selected the device as CC430F5133 and connection as TIMSP430 USB1. Connection to my CC430F5133 target board is as follows: LaunchPad Target Board SBW RST ---->TDIO SBW---> TCK GND----> GND 3.3V----> 3.3V No external supply used for my target board. Please tell me the steps to program in energia or CCS or IAR. Thanks in advance.
  4. Does Energia support CC430 Devices? If yes Plz help me on this... Thanks in advance.
  5. Please elaborate ,how to flash using BSL. and what should i buy for the same.
  6. thanks greeg sir for your valuable reply.perfect answer.
  7. I have planned to use cc430f5133 for my project.Please tell me the cheapest programmer available in india for programming this IC.
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