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  1. Thank you @@Fmilburn. I have already read this thread. I will keep looking for a solution. Thanks.
  2. Hi @@ryanf11 ! I am trying to use SD_TM4C library with my MSP430F5529. Could you please tell me the SPI pins you used in your board ? Your help would be very appreciated. I am almost three months searching and trying to make the connection with the SD Card. Thank you a lot !
  3. Hi ! I am trying to make the same you was last year, writing in a SD Card with FatFS. I have spent three months with no success. Did you make it ?Could you help me anyway ? I changed the GPIO pins and the clock speed but I get no answer and the code stucks in the "Card Not Ready" part. I am using the same board that you, MSP430F5529 - LaunchPad. Thank you very much !
  4. Hi ! I download it noticed that using this library the code really compiles well. But I would like to know if you got succeed writing something in the SD Card. The Serial Monitor shows me an error message with rc = 6. I am using the same uC as you, MSP430F5529 - LaunchPad. Thank you very much !
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