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  1. The launchpad boards and energia are not sold or distributed as tools for the creation of libraries which use TI's intellectual property. That is why it isn't part of this question. It is that no provisions for compilation of any kind are made to compile anything whatsoever for the launchpad BUT ARE and were made for the sensor tag of the same CPU of CC2650 and those provisions within energia INCLUDE the TI stack. So these requests were made for resasons related to incomplete or misleading circumstances which do not appear to be of virtue or necessity. Thanks for responding though I do appreci
  2. The Energia ide is desired to allow focus to be on design, and save the other tools for detailed implementation and refinement, later. That is the apparent value proposition of the launchpad trade name as promoted. Energia is a wonderful thing and it is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you, and those uses are targeted to those who know what they are looking for, but this is more related to the relationship between the public presentation of the brand and TI not honoring the expectation of compatibility of that brand; putting consumers at the burdened end of having to pursue a party they have already paid. And that having occured under that marketed expectation. Development is implied to have at LEAST as wide of a functional scope as the other products which bear its trade name...it does not.
  4. I believe the cc2650 sensor tag does utilize TI's stack. This situation is incongruent. Affecting the launchpad of the same chip; only, it seems.
  5. Please note the response from ti: https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/bluetooth_low_energy/f/538/t/497523 My response is that of a consumer / developer and with respect to the implication that a device branded by a trade name such as "launchpad" does have merit enough for a consumer to expect the functionality for which it is marketed to be a part of. I think we are seeing "an engineer's" response (at e2e) and certainly not a ceo's or a public relations, or a member of a marketing department which is having its efforts to build brand reliance; be undone..and dismissi
  6. I am wondering if it is already considered that the ble stack covered directly between the end developer (and energia user) by a license from ti ...will solve your problem, if the use of ti's ble stack is accessed on the users hard drive and that user has agreed to the license ..cannot energia compile ? Thank you! :-) ajw
  7. Thank you "energia" yes, I can understand a reason such as that to be a good reason for the delay from since the time of purchase, even until now. Thank you for your response, and Thank you for all of the hard work from you and your team, it is appreciated!~ I hope there will be a resolution and the licences can be made to work somehow.
  8. Purchased 3 launchxl-cc2650 boards before Jan 18...They arrived Jan 18. The documentation gives this link http://dev.ti.com/tirex/#/DevTool/launchxl-cc2650 and this page has no usable software and not code to build with their branded IDEs. http://dev.ti.com/tirex/#/DevTool/CC2650%20LaunchPad?link=CC26xx%20Bluetooth%20Smart%2FDevelopment%20Tools%2FCC2650%20LaunchPad Its blank, messaged them, and its still and there's no way to build in Energia. Is this regular? These are public sales no? They are payed for to the company of manufacture. Is this kind of situation from TI o
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