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    Dale reacted to jazz in What are input-output signal conditioning best practices on interface boards?   
    Unfortunately, this things must be analyzed with scope and on board modification until (almost) perfect signal shape is found.
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    Dale reacted to USWaterRockets in I2C errors with four-board MSP432 launchpad stack   
    Are there multiple boards with the I2C pull-ups installed? Too many pull-ups in parallel could lead to errors.
    Alternatively, Having no boards with Pull-ups installed on the I2C lines means it should probably never work.
    Also, If this is a signal integrity issue, you could try slowing the I2C clock rate down and see if the problem goes away.
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    Dale reacted to zeke in protoboard   
    I regularly use the PAD3U board from Busboard to do similar prototyping.
    FYI, they are based in Calgary so I bet you could get one really quick if you liked.
    Tell them John sent you.
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    Dale reacted to bluehash in Full SD-Card FatFS Elm-Chan module support for the MSP432 Launchpad   
    Hi Dale, sorry about that. Looks like the notify me is not working. I have some coming in two weeks time. Can you place a custom order of the SDCard config. That way I'll know to send you one immediately when they arrive.
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