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  1. Hi all, what are the best practices for conditioning signals coming onto (or leaving) an interface board? I'm interfacing an MSP432 LaunchPad to two sensor boards through two 2x6 pin-headers (two of the four I2C ports on each connector, and all four high-drive GPIO). An SPI port is available for a master/slave launchpad configuration (one master with up to three slaves), and two normal GPIO as well - just in case. A colleague recommended a "100 ohm" ferrite beads with a 100pF bypass cap and a 5V TVS to ground on each signal. I want the board to be solderable by hand, the ferrite beads are big enough being 1210s, and I picked 0805 bypass caps. However, the TVS recommended was a 1201 and the biggest chip TVS I could find was a 12V in an 0603 package. Does that seem right? Will as 12V part be a waste of time? What would you recommend? Also I'm curious about the orientation of the parts relative to each other for best routing. Can anyone share some insights? Many thanks, Dale booster-i2c-schematic-008-X04.pdf bom-pv-008-X04.pdf
  2. @@USWaterRockets, thanks for tip about slowing the I2C clock, I'll keep that in mind after investigating some firmware curiosities I noticed looking at all the I2C bus interactions. The SENSHUB boosterpack was and still is the only board on UCB0, and the I2C pull-ups are on the SENSHUB. All I've effectively done (AFAIK) is to add two more boards to the boosterpack bus (J1~J4), and one of the new boards now sits in-between the msp432 launchpad and the SENSHUB boosterpack (originally, the SENSHUB was the only board on the launchpad).
  3. Hi, when I went from a two-board msp432 launchpad and SENSHUB stack to a four board stack, I started getting firmware I2C errors accessing the SENSHUB MPU-9150 IMU (on UCB0), but not the other sensors on the SENSHUB (also on UCB0). The errors go away if I connect a protocol analyzer or scope probes to UCB0 I2C (via J2 pins on the SDCardReader). I have attached a scope screenshot of MPU-9150 initialization (which is working with the scope probe attached). Any suggestions for what to look for and/or solutions would be sincerely appreciated. The scope probe is a 10:1, with 10 MOhm & 17pF input, and the board stack consists of: /-- BOOSTXL-SENSHUB BoosterPack | +-- SDCardReader BoosterPack (jumpered to UCB2 instead of default UCB0) | +-- MSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad | \-- Protoboard (has UCB1 connector only for external I2C sensor) Thanks for any help, Dale
  4. Dale


    @@zeke, What a coincidence, I picked up a PAD3U from B&E on Friday before seeing your post. Nice to hear I didn't need to search further for anything else. @@spirilis, thanks for the link, that's really cool and I'll keep it in mind for the future. I also really liked the Grove Base Booster (http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/Grove-Base-BoosterPack-p-2177.html),but I wasn't sure the connector pinouts would work for me, and having to use Grove connector would also add complication.
  5. Hi, I'm implementing a proof-of-concept MSP432 system using LaunchPads. Basically I2C sensor data gets captured by multiple slave msp432's communicating via SPI with a master msp432. I'm thinking ahead to debugging the slave/master interface - should it be necessary ;-). How would you debug both sides of an SPI protocol using CCS and the XDS-110 on the Launchpads? One laptop for the slave and a separate laptop for the master, and trace each side of the SPI protocol completely separately?
  6. Dale


    @@cde, now that I have one in my hand, the "MSP430 Launchpad Prototyping PCB" doesn't really seem suitable for a full 40-pin BoosterPack. It seems no matter how you line up the proto pcb on the Launchpad, because of the offset mounting connectors and there not being a row of holes immediately inside the connector mounting locations, there aren't mounting holes for either J3 or J4 (depending on how you position the proto board). The 3V3/GND rail portion of the pcb could be used for J1/2/3/4 (and either J3 or J4 uses the row of holes just inside the rail area), or the proto pcb can be rotated 90 deg so the connectors land in the main area of the pcb, but I'm thinking it would be simpler to just use an off-the-shelf proto board with individual copper per hole. Am I missing something?
  7. Dale


    Thanks @@cde, I will use the protoboard as you describe. Fwiw, this is my expected stackup: BOOSTXL-SENSORHUB | 43oh MSP430 Launchpad Prototyping PCB | MSP-EXP432 | SDCardReader The SDCardReader will need hacking to move it from UCB0 to UCB2. The Proto-PCB will be used to break-out I2C and also provide an SPI port for inter-connecting LaunchPads (one master with 5 slaves). I'm planning to use standard 0.1-inch headers for the SPI port with an off-the-shelf 6-inch 6-pin cable assembly (Adafruit https://www.adafruit.com/products/206). Does anyone think this is a bad idea, or can say what the max SPI clock will likely be? Thanks! Dale
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    Hi, I'm looking for a protoboard to use with an MSP-EXP432, needing access to J1/2/3/4 and also additional signals J5 (or I flywire them I guess). Of the three boosterpack protoboards I can find, only "MSP430 Launchpad Prototyping PCB" is in stock, and the description says "...designed to work on the Launchpad EXP430G2 20 pin version, not the 40 pin 5529LP version.". The MSP-EXP432 is a 40 pin Launchpad (which I think just means J1, J2, J3 and J4). The photo of the "MSP430 Launchpad Prototyping PCB" seems to show it expects all four J1 to J4. Is there a reason why this protoboard will not work with the MSP-EXP432? Thanks, ?Dale
  9. One more question... ;-). I am already using a BOOSTXL-SENSHUB that uses P1.6/P1.7 for I2C. Do you have any preference (technical or just convention) for which EUSCI port to jumper the SD card to use? (on J1/2/3/4) Also, do you foresee any negative effect on maximum write speed from the jumper? Thanks, Dale
  10. @@bluehash, thanks (custom order placed). What is the purpose of the jumper wire in the photo? Is this a mod that needs to be made on the SD Card board?
  11. @@bluehash, are there any "The CardReader- SDCard Booster" boards left? Today the website shows out-of-stock, did I miss my opportunity? Is there another order coming? Thanks! P.S. I used the "Notify Me!" link on the purchase page a month ago, but didn't get an email indicating it was in-stock again.
  12. Hi there, I also have a data logging project and need 128GB+ of data storage. Post #54 reported a working 8 GByte SDHC. Does anyone know if Card Reader and Petit FatFS would work with SDXD? Thanks! Dale
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