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  1. Magnum

    Sleep mode

    Hi @@Fmilburn, The example you gave is working fine. But can instead of flashing the LED, can i have it display something on the LCD screen?
  2. Magnum

    Sleep mode

    Hi @@Fmilburn, sorry to trouble you. Do you happen to know about low power mode. I need to make use of LPM3 and LPM0 in my project instead of the external interrupts. ( I already understand the external interupts in the energia.nu ) I found the above quote at another post. But i would like to switch back to LPM3 instead of LPM4 , and also want it to wake up to LPM0 so that it can execute a command and then back to LPM3. Sorry if it is too messy.
  3. Magnum

    Sleep mode

    Hi @@Fmilburn, Thank you for listing down the steps that I should work it. Im starting to understand energia more after following your instructions! Much appreciated.
  4. Magnum

    Sleep mode

    I am using LauncPad MSP430G2 revision 1.5, MSP430G2553, Grove base boosterpack, Energia 0016, Windows 7 64-bit My project will need to start in the sleep mode. When I press the button P1.3, it will display on the LCD. And after 10sec, it will go back to sleep mode. Can somebody help me with the coding. PS : I am new to Energia and have never touched programming before. Sorry if i didnt make it clear enough.