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  1. When i try to step over Interrupt_enableInterrupt(INT_DMA_INT1); with the debugger in CCS it never finishes stepping over.
  2. Hi, I'm a bit new to this... I'm wanting to improve the performance of the SPI, I understand that using DMA is the best solution. Are their any example of SPI with DMA? Currently without DMA, I have the SPI setup to send 1 byte at a time with: SPI_transmitData(LCD_EUSCI_MODULE, data); What I want to do is change this so I can fill a buffer with bytes, then say Send. Once thats finished sending I want to fill the buffer again and send the next set of bytes. I tried to use this code although it appears to hang at the last line! DMA_enableModule(); DMA_setControlBase(m_controlTable);
  3. I worked it out, This display uses 4 wires, although its a 3 wire SPI, 4 wire SPI is for 2 masters in the SPI system. This Display has an extra wire for Data or Command, this is not part of the SPI just a switch for the Display. In the Datasheet its called 4 waire SPI this is not correct! I also had the Phase of the SPI incorrect. SPI code for anyone with this issue. // // Configure SPI peripheral. // GPIO_setAsPeripheralModuleFunctionOutputPin(LCD_SPI_MOSI_PORT, LCD_SPI_MOSI_PIN,
  4. Hi, I'm struggling to get the the ILI9341 display to work on a MSP432. I've used it on an arduino with this display driver, so I figured that would be a good start for the porting. This display is setup to use SPI (SCK,MISO,MOSI, CS,DC). I understand this is called 4 wire SPI? The following is the code used to init the SPI is this correct? GPIO_setAsOutputPin(LCD_RESET_PORT, LCD_RESET_PIN); GPIO_setOutputLowOnPin(LCD_RESET_PORT, LCD_RESET_PIN); GPIO_setAsOutputPin(LCD_DC_PORT, LCD_DC_PIN);
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