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  1. I don't know whether others encounter such problem, but my msp430 usb mouse can not be recognized if I plug it in a pc with a mouse already pluggined in. I have tried several PCs and mice to have this conclusion. I will try to see whether the problem is with V-USB with avr mcu.
  2. [update] Now it works with cycwin plus mspgcc from sf.net. @simpleavr, Could you help let me know the toolchain info for the project? I am using CCSv6.1 plus msp430gcc_3.4.5.1 and downloading hex files using FET430 pro lite. It is OK if I download your hid hex directly. So it indicates that h/w wiring is OK, however the mouse can not be recognized if I compile the source files to .out file then download it using CCS.
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