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  1. I ran a multimeter across P1_5 and GND and found that even when it is set to LOW it is still getting 2v of power, enough to turn the LED on (but dimly). any reason why P1_5 would be getting a +2V when in the LOW state?
  2. So I ran into a few problems hooking the whole thing up. For external LED's, do I need to connect the LED to VCC (Pin 1) and some other pin (like P1_5) instead of P1_5&Gnd? If I connect the LED between VCC Pin1 and P1_5, do I need to register P1_5 as output in pinMode(P1_5, OUTPUT); If the LED is connected between VCC Pin1 and P1_5, is the LED in the off state when P1_5 output is HIGH, digitalWrite(P1_5, HIGH); Thanks!
  3. This gives a pretty clear explanation. http://www.learningaboutelectronics.com/Articles/How-to-connect-a-voltage-regulator-in-a-circuit
  4. @@Fmilburn A question about the voltage regulator. The plan is to incorporate a power switch along the positive line from the 9v. So the 9V's positive line will be interrupted by a power switch and then continue on to the voltage regulator's input leg. the voltage regulator also has a ground leg and an output leg, but i will also have the negative line from the 9v. Do I connect the ground leg of the voltage regulator to one of the ground pins on J6 (on the msp) and then the negative line from the 9v on the other ground pin? I was curious why there are two ground pins on J6 (along w
  5. I've been prototyping by just plugging into my laptop's usb. I'm assuming that the launchpad handles the 5v from the usb cable pretty effectively. I just don't want to burn it out with a 9v, so I picked up some COM-00526 3.3V voltage regulators.
  6. @@Fmilburn thank you for your help with this! i think i've set it all up now. i tested the code with an external switch, push button and LED to make sure that everything was working and we are good to go. here is the final (lol, last time i coded was in highschool, but i should know better than to never call a version final) code: transmitter module (rather than wait for a button push, i just set this thing up to always broadcast if it's turned on, so it has a power switch and the code runs automatically): #include <SPI.h> #include <AIR430BoostFCC.h> #define CMD_OFF
  7. I am using Energia. The transmitting unit will be on constantly but will only be transmitting when the switch is flipped (unless I am misunderstanding the role of the transmitting module). Here is the code I will be attempting to modify: /** This example demonstrates usage of the AIR430BoostFCC library which uses * the 430Boost-CC110L AIR Module BoosterPack created by Anaren Microwave, Inc. * and available through the TI eStore, for the European Union. * * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * * Note: This file is part of AIR430Boost.
  8. Thank Fmilburn! That does seem very simple. The more I experiment with this the more I realize that modifications might need to be made to accomodate my intentions. Does the CC110L module pair with another module during the bootup process? So that the two devices will only receive TX from the other? Is there a way to modify the code to just let the RX module (in my setup, one will only ever TX and the other will only ever RX) receive a signal from any TX? To give a little context in what I'm trying to accomplish I will describe the application. I intend to put the transmitting
  9. Hello! This is my first post, I'm a new board member. I have searched the forum for examples relating to my question and haven't found anything that's quite like what I'm looking for, so here goes. I am trying to build a system where a switch can be flipped on one board and it lights up an LED on another board. I have used the WirelessControl example program to verify that my boards are working and they do. I would like to just modify WirelessControl because it's a relatively simple program and it's already doing what I need the boards to do. The WirelessControl example program requ
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