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  1. Hi, For info there is another thread on the same issue where a few of us have been struggling to find a solution for quite some while: 'CC3200 Wifi and analogRead' I would advise to read the above thread first before proceeding further below. In short its looking like an Energia WiFi Library function bug which is occasionally clobbering the multiplexer (choice of pin type) for the ADC pin. I have a very tight design and have properly decoupled throughout. Also I've undertaken shielding but really none of this I don't believe is the real problem. Basically for any low frequency
  2. Further update on this issue. The intermittent corruption I see on the scope for the analog inputs is at a very low voltage and look like 'serial data bits' i.e. not fast rise and fall times but square on top. Difficult to tell but I'd say each bit around 100us duration, probably co-incidence but that is close to 9600 baud ??? It only happens after Wifi.begin has been called. Actually all 4 analog inputs exhibit the same behaviour and what's more simultaneously ! The problem is more evident when I'm transmitting UDP data however even when I stop transmitting there is what looks like a
  3. Hi, Same issue for me. I have an ISR running at 8KHz to sample one of the analog channels. When I collect a 100 samples I transmit them in a UDP packet. It's clear when I call WiFI.begin the analog samples during that period get corrupted. Looking at the data (and on the scope) to me it looks like the pin configuration is being changed from analog to something else and then later back again to analog. This is in line with Sean's comment above: "My theory is that energia may "Automatically" enable default serial pins in a certain way that causes this to happen." Unfortunately multiple
  4. Looking to sample a CC3200 ADC channel at 8K/11K/other audio rates. Core library DriverLib ('TI's Driver Libraries exposed with Energia APIs') would seem the sensible way to go. I note however that with Energia release 1-16 for CC3200 at least the DriverLib is not exposed. Does anyone know if there is a future plan for this ? In the meantime I'd be grateful if anyone has experience with this for any pointers on how I might implement different sampling rates. I guess some Timer setup with associated ISR code may exist on TI side to do this but how to get it across to the Energia platfor
  5. Greetings from Edinburgh ! Experienced guy in electronics industry doing marketing and biz dev for the last 15 years but happily getting my hands dirty again with some IOT based projects utilising CC3200 (launchpads). Enjoying the Energia experience also ! regards Stuart
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