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    Johann got a reaction from bluehash in RTC_A and calendar mode   
    I think I may have figured it out. The result are encoded in packed BCD. Each byte consists of 2 nibbles, each nibble representing a digit.
    12:09:89 -> 0x0C:0x09:0x59
    12:16:00 -> 0x0C:0x10:0x00
      So this suggests nothing is wrong with the formatting, but instead with my parsing. Also my hours byte is incorrect. It should be 18 (0x12) and not 12.
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    Johann reacted to energia in Migrating from Energia to CCS   
    The APPLICATION_PATH variable should not have c:/. This is something that is generated by the CCS pre-processor that is modeled after the one that is in Energia. Replacing this the path in Variables.mk won't help since it is overwritten every time you compile. 
    There was an issue in Energia 16 with the master Makefile not using the right path for xcopy but that seems to not be the issue here. 
    What you can try as a work-around is in the master makefile to either hardcode the path or remove the xcopy rule altogether. I would try modifying the path first since the .rov.xs are helpful to have when debugging.
    You can find the master Makefile in c:\energia-0101E0016\hardware\common.
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    Johann reacted to LIJsselstein in Using HW (not SW) I2C   
    Initially I did not know how to invoke a new constructor. Some trial and error resulted in the following code in setup(). Hopefully this is useful for other users:
    // Re-initialize the I2C library to use the USCI hardware Wire = TwoWire(0); @@Johann,
    There appears to be a bug introduced in Energia 17 wrt I2C, Serial comms and MSP devices with USCI hardware. Itserik created a pull-request to fix this.
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    Johann got a reaction from abecedarian in Error communicating with MSP432   
    I have recently encountered this problem too. My device drivers seems to be properly installed and I have selected the correct device, but I am unable to upload a blank sketch. Note that I am running 64-bit Windows 8.1.

    Looking at the application event log, I see the following error:
    It seems that x86 MFC run-time is not installed by default on newer systems. I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) and I was able to compile and upload my sketch to the device.
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    Johann got a reaction from tripwire in Developing with multiple Launchpad simultaneously   
    I ended up using a Particle Photon dev kit as the I2C master. I can update the Photon firmware wireless without burning a COM port. Not the ideal solution, but I can update both the master and slave programs without plugging/unplugging either device from my one machine.
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